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Key Reading Skills Taught Through
Horse Powered Reading

In effective reading instruction there are 5 key areas that must be taught: Phonemic Awareness; Decoding (phonics & sight word recognition); Vocabulary; Fluency; and Comprehension.

  • Phonemic Awareness, the most basic and most critical skill for learning to read, is developing the ability to hear the individual sounds (phonemes) that make up a word.  Children must be able to take apart the word sounds and blend them together.  This is foundational in any alphabetic language.
  • Decoding is learning to match sounds with letters and build them into words.  It encompasses both phonics (sounding out words) and sight words (learning words that don’t sound like they are spelled).
  • Vocabulary, understanding word meanings, is vital in order to understand what is read.  There is a very high correlation between vocabulary and comprehension and success in school!
  • Fluency is the ability to read words accurately, quickly, and with expression.  It forms the “bridge” between squiggly marks on a page (text), and Comprehension. However it is impossible for that bridge to work without the pillars of Decoding and Vocabulary built firmly on the bedrock of Phonemic Awareness.
  • Comprehension - making meaning from words - is the goal of reading!

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